Flexible Minimums

I hear it all the time.  “I’ve got this great product but very manufacturer wants at least 5000 as a first order quantity and that’s too much for me.”

Well, it’s true that a lot of production facilities require 5,000 or even 10,000 minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) to get interested in your product. Often that’s financially out of reach and even if finances aren’t a challenge, it can be a year’s worth of product languishing in a warehouse as you set up your distribution methods and sales venues.

Sometimes you aren’t 100% sure of the decoration or package and want and need the flexibility to make changes after a first run.  Or, maybe there will be tweaks in the formula.  All of these are considerations.

Private Branding vs Private Label

So, on one hand developing a proprietary product can require large MOQ’s while private label (or white label) companies usually are limited to putting your logo on their formulas.  The choices are limited and there is little flexibility in the bottle, formula, fragrance or any other aspect.  The MOQ’s are a lot smaller (often just a few dozen) but you’re getting the same product as dozens of other people utilizing the stock formulas and bottles.

Private Branding has no restrictions.  The formula is yours, the packaging your choice, fragrance is what you want and you pick the size(s).  As stated above, these can come with very high MOQ’s.

MONAS is a Hybrid

At Monas Labs we offer complete customization with reasonable MOQ’s, often as low as 50 or 100 dozen per SKU.  The end product is exactly what you want and geared toward your distribution venues.

Of course, the lower the MOQ’s, the higher the per piece is, but we think it is paramount to have a product with your special “points of difference.”  It is my opinion that in this very crowded space, something must set you apart.

Best regards,


Suzanne Clements