Exciting New Additions

Some exciting things are happening at MONAS LABS.  There are tools running full time and a good helping of sawdust as MONAS LABS is undergoing a complete renovation.

All of the front offices have been done with new flooring, cabinets and all new furniture.  In addition to the aesthetics, our warehouses are being renovated as follows:

1.       Redoing all floors with an epoxy finish

2.       Increasing space in the blend area

3.       Doubling the size of the lab

4.       Entire new racking system to add more than 200 pallet positions among the three warehouses.

5.       New climate control at our 9,000sf Atlantis Road location

6.       New 1000 sf fill room

7.       New bay doors

Once our $500,000 renovations are complete we will have doubled our capacity for units filled annually.

In addition we have invested in more than $600,000 in equipment over the last 18 months which now includes:

1.       Two automatic, multiple function coders

2.       Four piston head fillers, a Simplex filler, two automatic tube machines

3.       Four semi-automatic label machines

4.       One automatic label machine

5.       A six head automatic filler

6.       Heat seal machines

7.       Shrink wrap machines

8.       5,000 gallons of tanks in blend; largest is just 1000 gallons so everything is hand crafted

9.       Complete laboratory with equipment for raw material assessment, pH, viscosity and stability tests

We have a great situation at MONAS LABS.  We have facilities and staff in quantity to take care of manufacturing needs, but still enjoy that family atmosphere so important to loyalty and the desire to make the best product.

We appreciate your business and will always strive to present the best product possible with cutting edge formulas inspired by all that nature has to offer.

Best regards,


Lindsey Barber