Formulas for Soothing Sore Muscles

For decades the only alternative for sore, achy muscles was a chemical laden concoction that left you smelling potent to say the least.

At MONAS Labs we have several formulas utilizing natural extracts that are much more effective and better for your skin and total well-being.

We can make gels, creams, sprays and other innovative bases with natural products that can ease muscle soreness, are anti-inflammatories and help relieve other pain symptoms.


Arnica (Arnica montana) is a plant that grows in mountainous areas, and can be found in the northern United States, Canada and the European Alps. It is called “mountain daisy” because of its bright yellow or orange daisy-like flower. The flowers and root are used traditionally to prepare topical remedies for relief of pain.

Arnica is great for bruises, sprains, soreness, and swelling and for the relief of arthritis, muscle, and joint pain.  Applied as a compress, it can relieve musculoskeletal pain

In addition to its pain relieving properties, Arnica is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Arnica oil contains helenalin, a potent natural anti-inflammatory. Its ability to reduce pain and disease-causing inflammation, when applied to the skin it even works on arthritis flare-ups.

Arnica can also be applied to the skin for insect bites, muscle and cartilage pain, chapped lips, and acne.


Menthol is the powerful organic compound found in the plant family ‘genus Mentha’, more commonly known as the mint and peppermint plants. While mint and peppermint are found world-wide, menthol is extracted in crystallized form from the oils of the wild mint or corn mint plant native to India, western and central Asia, the Himalaya, Siberia and North America.

You may know from experience rubbing on a pain relief cream with menthol instantly brings cool, soothing pain relief to aching muscles. What you may not know is how menthol tackles pain in three different ways:

·         Menthol has a natural analgesic (pain reliever) attribute when used in lotion, gel, or cream form. As the lotion is applied, molecules called ligands attach themselves to receptors in your cell triggering a change. The menthol ligand attaches to the kappa Opioid receptor, which produces a numbing effect.

·         Another reason menthol works so well when you rub it on those aching muscles is because it triggers a process called vasodilation. Blood vessels in the area widen, increasing blood flow to the area and reducing the skin barrier function.

·         One of the biggest culprits behind muscle aches and pains is inflammation. The Latin word for inflammation is inflammare which means “to set on fire.” Menthol brings a wonderful cooling sensation by stimulating thermoreceptors in the skin cells which help your body recognize temperature changes. Your skin doesn’t actually change temperature. Instead, menthol causes a signal to be sent which your brain interprets as cold, relieving the uncomfortable heat of inflammation.

Clearly the mint plant, in addition to supplying good flavoring, provides one of nature’s most effective natural pain relievers which can even help speed up healing.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabis plants are chemical powerhouses that produce more than 60 compounds totally specific to the plant genus Cannabis. Scientists call these special compounds “cannabinoids.”

There are a variety of scientific studies that show CBD is an excellent way to alleviate pain and being touted by many as nature’s best pain reliver.


CBD can be processed from the marijuana plant as well as from Hemp plants.  It does not have any hallucinogenic properties and is legal in all 50 states.



MONAS uses a variety of bases including different butters (cocoa, shea, aloe, mango, morula and many more), gels, creams and lotions.

When you apply that CBD cream to the skin, it absorbs faster and offers more targeted pain relief. It is important to note that most CBD creams don’t pass through the skin and into the bloodstream. Instead, they are absorbed into the top layer of your skin which is why they are classified as topicals.

When you use CBD products topically for pain, you’re taking advantage of the cannabinoid’s anti-inflammatory properties.  CBD cream can help alleviate pain from several sources and is more effective for this purpose than taking CBD oil  which offers more general relief. Whether you need something to soothe your horrible sunburn or a way to cope with the crippling pain of arthritis, CBD topicals are a great solution.  

Because of the ability of CBD topicals to focus on one area means it is perfect for use on joint pains. When you rub CBD cream on your joints, it uses its anti-inflammatory properties to provide rapid and long-lasting pain relief in a specific area. As a result, you benefit from a soothing sensation on swollen joints which should lead to improved mobility. As well as being the ideal solution for people who have arthritis, CBD cream helps with the following skin conditions:

·         Eczema

·         Psoriasis

·         Skin infections

·         Rashes

·         Burns

CBD is a versatile product whose popularity is booming.  CBD products sold $239,000,000 five years ago and now accounts for 2.5 billion dollars in annual sales.

So put away you’re stinky creams.  MONAS has several better options utilizing the best nature has to offer.

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