Clay Masks

Clay masks are an ancient beauty secret and for good reason. Bentonite clay helps to remove impurities by drawing excess sebum from the skin. They also can draw toxins out of your face, and acts as a magnet to draw dirt out of pores.

The result is a cleaner, smoother complexion.

MONAS uses exotic clay masks from ancient mines in Brazil.  The following chart gives some features and benefits of the clays we work with:



Amazonian White Clay: Rich in nutrients, promotes a cooling sensation, light exfoliating agent, gentle on skin.

Crude Clay: Removes dead cells stimulating skin renewal, improves cutaneous elasticity and firming, helps rejuvenate skin caused by aging.

Vanilla Clay: Purifies the skin, removes impurities.

Old Rose Clay: Used for softness, it gently removes dirt and grime.

Yellow Clay: Purifying, astringent, remineralizing action, adsorbs oiliness without dehydrating the skin.

Gold Clay: Purifying, astringent and remineralizing effect, provides a lush appearance to the skin.

Light Green Clay: Helps to remove the oiliness from the skin, it doesn´t trigger the skin oil production feedback effect, and reduces the oiliness of skin.

Light Red Clay: Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin due to its smoothing and soothing action.

Red Clay: Improves cutaneous elasticity in 173%, helps to repair cutaneous damages caused by natural aging or photoaging. Promotes a tensor and long-lasting effect on the skin, the presence of several active oligoelements gives this clay a distinct beneficial result for sensitive skin, also softens skin.

Dark Red Clay: Contains iron oxide and copper which helps fight against a thin and dry epidermis and reduction of elasticity.

Brown Clay: Contains natural anti-aging agents that provides nutrition and helps to maintain the health of the skin.

Purple Clay: Promotes cell maintenance and has magnesium, essential for providing a younger appearance of the skin. Promotes the adsorption of impurities

Black Clay: Its rich composition of mineral salts and oligoelements which is essential for a healthy looking skin.

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