Our Facilities

MONAS LABS is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida just an hour from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral.  In the last year, MONAS LABS has invested $500,000 for new equipment to increase our capacity and quality. We have an efficient practice at MONAS LABS.  We have the facilities and staff in quantity to take care of manufacturing needs for large customers, but still enjoy that family atmosphere so important to loyalty and the desire to make the best product.

The facilities include:

  1. 33,000 square feet of office, warehouse, blend, fill and laboratory.
  2. Loading dock for containers
  3. Climate controlled warehouses for quality
  4. 3 fill rooms with
    • Four piston head fillers, a Simplex filler, two automatic tube machines
    • Two coders
    • Four semi-automatic label machines
    • One automatic label machine
    •  A six head automatic filler
    • Heat seal machines
    • Shrink wrap machines
    • 5,000 gallons of tanks in blend; largest is just 1000 gallons so everything is hand crafted
    • Complete laboratory with equipment for raw material assessment, pH, viscosity and stability tests
    • 30 employees
  5. MONAS LABS has more than 200 formulas in our portfolio including:
    • Organic Oil blends
    • Full range of SPF products
    • Tanning Oils and after sun aloes
    • Facials system…cleansers
    • Hair repair system
    • Personal care … shampoos, conditioners, body wash and lotions
    • Foot cremes
    • A wide variety of proprietary butter blends
    • Facial masks
    • Self-tanners
    • Sugar and salt scrubs
    • Handmade soaps
    • Soy candles
    • Bath salts
  6. Licenses for cosmetic, alcohol and OTC products.